Administrative Professionals Week

Administrative Professionals Week is celebrated to recognize the hard work and dedication of administrative assistants, receptionists, secretaries and other administrative support professionals.

Every year, Business Management Daily and Administrative Professional Today celebrate Administrative Professionals Week by giving away gifts to commend admin pros for their work. These giveaways are skill-building resources to help you become more productive and grow your career. Register below to get on the list to receive all of the gifts we’ll be offering for Administrative Professionals Week 2019 (April 22-26):

Future Dates for Administrative Professionals Week:

  • 2019: April 22-26
  • 2020: April 20-24
  • 2021: April 19-23

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Enjoy Our Favorite Free Resources for Admin Pros:

Standard Operating Procedure

It’s essential for every company to have an SOP for their administrative assistants to keep the organization’s operations running smoothly. Save yourself a major headache when you come back to the office after vacation or a sick day by creating an SOP manual for your job role.

The Bully Boss Strikes Again!

Bad managers at work are something that many administrative professionals have had to learn to work around. Discover the best strategies for dealing with a difficult boss, plus read outrageous stories of tasks bosses required their admins to complete.